How to create main navigation menu using Sitecore?

By Pranay  ·  13 Mar '20  ·  5080 views

I am new to Sitecore and trying to work on Sitecore 7.2 with MVC for creating a sample static page. I was able to create a static content page with footer and header successfully. Now, in the header I want to implement a menu bar. So how to create a menu, getting the list of menuitems from a model. Is there a predefined item in sitecore to create list of menus from a model? do we need any controller to be created? I have very less knowledge on Sitecore. thanks in advance!

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  • Jan 07 '15 06:28
Pranay Deegoju

Here is a perfect post on creating a menu whose menu items are created at Sitecore and they are rendered in View file. It addresses the above mentioned problem exactly.

How to pass a Sitecore populated Model from sitecore to a .NET MVC view

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