Jenkins role strategy plugin is not working

By Pranay
03 Mar '15  ·  7806 views

I am using Role strategy plugin to authorize the users/user groups in Jenkins. I have created roles and assigned roles to users/groups as per this documentation but it is not working. Below are the details.

  1. Job name: web-proj-deploy
  2. Pattern: web-.*
  3. Role: web-user

Web-user is a project role and should access only the jobs whose name starts with ‘web-‘ as per the above pattern. But all the jobs are visible when logged in with user id whose role is web-user. The filtration is not being applied based on the pattern. Everything I configured as per the Jenkins plugin documentation but it does not work. What could be the issue? Thanks in advance!

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  • Apr 08 '15 13:49
Pranay Deegoju

Finally found the root cause for this and resolved the issue. After going through the jenkins plugin documentation again, I found that the role 'Anonymous' under 'Assign Roles->Project Roles' is not given any project role(all the roles are unchecked for Anonymous user) but in my job I gave some roles to Anonymous user. Because of this, the roles are overwritten and all the users by default can see all the jobs.

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