Sitecore 8 best practices

Pranay    27 Mar '15    1542 views

Hi, I am looking for sitecore 8 best practices in installation, configuration, implementation, maintainance etc.

Any tips or useful links would be very helpful. thanks in advance!

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  • Apr 08 '15 13:51
Pranay Deegoju

Could not get the best practies specific to Sitecore 8. Since Sitecore 8 is pretty new to the market, it would take time to get experience, find pros and cons and best practices specific to this version.

Instead I found a generic sitecore best practices document recommended by Sitecore and its patner Oshyn. Below is the link, may be it could help someone.

Link -> SitecoreCMSImplementationBestPractices

Also refer to the Sitecore installation guide for best installation practices. SitecoreExperiencePlatform_Installation-Guide

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