What is keystone and how it is used with sitecore?

- Keerthi on Mai 15 '15

Hi experts, I know only basic site core MVC but as per clients requirement i have to use keystone with site core. I don't know what is keystone now. Can any please explain me about site core and keystone?

thanks In advance (Keerthi Kumar)

  • Mai 17 '15 09:14
Pranay Deegoju

I haven't worked on keystone anytime but just googled and found this url for you. This page provides information on what keystone is about but nothing about how to use it with sitecore. How ever there is a download link available in that site which provides an evaluation software for Sitecore 8 Update 3(it requires licensed Sitecore 8), try to download the software by giving your email id. A download link along with a full and detailed Sitecore-Keystone manual will be emailed to you. Hope this manual might be sufficient to start on Keystone-sitecore.

Both technologies being new, you might not find detailed articles on these. So suggest you to get the software and jump start.

  • Mai 18 '15 04:11
Keerthi Kumar

Hi pranay, Thanks for your detailed answer. After struggling hard for two days finally I have got to know about keystone. Keystone is used to build custom controls above site core. Now my task is to build a custom control using site core mvc [Controller Rendering] for this i want to build a form[more of like registration form] do you have any idea about building a custom form in sitecore mvc?

  • Mai 18 '15 06:13
Pranay Deegoju

Build a form using MVC razor form and submit it to sitecore content item which uses controller rendering. May be this controller rendering example could help you.

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