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This post focuses on different ways of running or hosting Jupyter Notebooks over cloud for free provided by various big players in the field of data science.

This post helps in setting up a development environment for Machine Learning using the latest and most effective IDEs. It uses Anaconda distribution of Python and Jupyter as IDE.

This post helps you to understand if the Machine learning by Andrew Ng course from Coursera is good to start for a newbie.

This post is helpful for beginners in Sitecore development. This tutorial helps creating pages in Sitecore from the scratch involving custom layouts, templates, renderings, content items with presentation details.

2 years ago by Pranay

This post explains what Shared and final layouts are and the differences between them. The concept of Shared and final layouts have been introduced with Sitecore 8.

3 years ago by Pranay

This post explains what templates and fields are in Sitecore and the differences between the Versioned, Shared and Unversioned fields in Sitecore. It also states the scope of each of these fields in different scenarios.

3 years ago by Pranay

This post highlights the best practices to be followed for the visual studio sitecore solution which is used with Sitecore website folder. If you are looking for integration of a new visual studio solution with Sitecore then this post might help you - Integrating Visual Studio solution with Sitecore MVC - basic

3 years ago by Pranay

Sitecore is a .NET application and adding any new functionalities to it requires adding of .NET components to the Sitecore instance. So it is required to create a Visual studio solution and move the changes from visual studio to Sitecore instance as and when required.