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If you would like to know the geo location of the client who is visiting your website or to show some specific content based on visitor country/location then this article helps you.

3 years ago by Pranay

We can use the existing package variables or connection manager variables in script task.

3 years ago by Ravichandra

Responsiveness has become the must have feature of any websie now a days. As Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects, I am writing this example on responsive design in sitecore mvc using bootstrap framework.

This post will explain a naive user on what is Git, how to install Git Gui on a windows 7 machine, how to create a simple repository and perform basic operations

4 years ago by Pranay

This post explains how to create a controller rendering and related items like layout, templates, presentation details in Sitecore MVC with a simple example.

4 years ago by Pranay

This error I came across while making an ajax call using jquery ajax function. After a long analysis I was able to figure it out, so thought of sharing with everyone.

4 years ago by Pranay

For email address validation there is Official Standard: RFC 5322 but the regex to match this standard is very complex and would not be suitable for implementation in our applications, but the below regex is the most appropriate to be used in our applications. I didn’t find a bug till now.

Rendering parameters can be used to pass parameters to sitecore presentation components. They are used to control the presentation of a dynamic component from page editor. In the example below, I will demonstrate on how to create a rendering parameters and how to use them in the presentation components. Also on how to change parameter values from the page editor.

4 years ago by Pranay