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I have got this error "Something went wrong" when I have opened the Quick View of Coveo search result. I am using Coveo cloud with Sitecore.

9 months ago by Pranay

When I created and browsed my first page on my newly installed Sitecore instance, I was seeing the below error. The default home page was working fine but not this page which I created.

one year ago by Pranay

I was trying to serialize sitecore items as in this tutorial. But I could not find the developer tab in my Sitecore content editor. Do we need to enable it somewhere explicitly? Can someone please help? Thanks in advance.

3 years ago by Krishna

I want to assign content author rights for a particular user. Is that possible or should i create a new user with some other privileges. I am new to Sitecore. Can someone please help me. thanks in advance!

3 years ago by Krishna

I am about to start a new project using Sitecore 7.2. I have just learned Sitecore and does not have much hands on. Would like to know if there are any design patterns that can be followed while implementing Sitecore CMS? Thanks in advance!

3 years ago by Pranay

I would like to switch the database in sitecore between master and core database. I was able to do this in older versions of sitecore by selecting from dropdown at the bottom right, but in the sitecore 8 that dropdown missing. I searched everywhere but could find anything about switching database. Did anyone else faced this issue? Thanks in advance!

3 years ago by Pranay

I am looking for Content-Encoding:gzip in MVC5. I am looking for the way to do in web.config or with using compress filter. so far all the solutions answered on stackoverflow, I am unable to compress my content gzip. I am using firefox and chrome to read response headers.

3 years ago by Arbaz

3 years ago by Keerthi