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This post is used to get recent feed from your Instagram account and show them in your website automatically. We retrieve the Instagram feed by calling the Instagram API from any server side language.

3 years ago by Pranay

This post explains on how to create Facebook App ID, App secret, Access Token and retrieve facebook feed using facebook Graph API and any server side language. If you are looking for a way to display your facebook page feeds on your feeds then this post would help you.

3 years ago by Pranay

This post helps you to integrate and display your Facebook page’s social feed in to your ASP.NET website. Though the below steps are in ASP.NET MVC, they can also be used in any other service side language like Java etc.

This post helps in creating/starting a new website using the free options provided by some service providers.

3 years ago by Pranay

These google shortcuts are also called as google dork queries. This post tells what exactly a google dork is, how it can be used to increase our search productivity and also how we can make use of google dorks to check vulnerabilities in the websites.

4 years ago by Pranay