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This post provides Sitecore powershell script to move media items based on the website in which these images are used in that Sitecore instance.

2 months ago by Pranay

In Coveo for Sitecore (using Hive framework) search results page, by default we see a small icon to the extreme right of every search result. Clicking on this icon loads a popup with the preview/quickview of the page. This Quickview icon can be disabled.

3 months ago by Pranay

I have got this error "Something went wrong" when I have opened the Quick View of Coveo search result. I am using Coveo cloud with Sitecore.

3 months ago by Pranay

This is the error I see under the Coveo source in the Coveo Cloud for the intial rebuild of a Sitecore instance. All the setup was done as recomended and rebuild was started but later I saw the error “Initial build failed – Source refresh timeout”.

3 months ago by Pranay

This post is for developers who just started to learn Sitecore CMS basics. It gives brief description on some of the basic Sitecore concepts and provides links to detailed posts where ever possible.

6 months ago by Pranay

This post explains different databases available in Sitecore and the use of CM (Content Management), CD (Content Delivery) instances in Sitecore.

6 months ago by Pranay

When I created and browsed my first page on my newly installed Sitecore instance, I was seeing the below error. The default home page was working fine but not this page which I created.

9 months ago by Pranay

This post is helpful for beginners in Sitecore development. This tutorial helps creating pages in Sitecore from the scratch involving custom layouts, templates, renderings, content items with presentation details.

one year ago by Pranay