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I want to test if a particular port number is open on a windows server. There is a website running on IIS which is using this port number. I would like to know if we can check that port is open or not from my local machine(using windows 7). Thanks in advance!

3 years ago by Krishna

Which is the best Automation tool for Windows Mobile App? I need a tool which can be worked with out integration to UFT. Experts please help!!!

3 years ago by Saketh

I have installed MongoDB on windows machine and made it to run as windows service by following these steps. The service has started after running the start command as shown below.

3 years ago by Pranay

Hi, I want to access GIT repository with a http URL like 'http://localhost:7765/GitRepo/', so that I can access this repository from other machines of the same LAN.

3 years ago by Pranay

When ever the app pool of a website on IIS is recycled where it will be logged? Thanks in advance!

3 years ago by Pranay

Hi Guys, Its known that Windows 8 world is emerging these days and many users trying to find smart ways to perform operations like Shutdown and Restart in windows 8.

4 years ago by Saichandan

This post explains how to hide folders in windows operating system. The folders will be still hidden even though you check the 'Show hidden folders' option. This method uses the ATTRIB command.

4 years ago by Pranay

Every windows operating will have a default system administrator account which is by default hidden. This account will have system admin privileges and will have full access to do any kind of operations on the system. This account will be installed along with the installation of windows operating system and for security reasons this is disabled. This account can be enabled but it is recommended not to do so. Suppose if you want to enable this account it is suggested to use a password to this account.

4 years ago by Pranay