How to retrieve the full URL from browser address bar using javascript

- Pranay on Sep 04 '14

To get the complete URL in the current browser window, use ‘window.location.href’ in javascript. There are many other properties (listed below) which return details on browser URL.

window.location.href - Returns the complete URL of the current page

window.location.hostname - returns the domain name of the web host - Returns the domain name along with the port number if any

window.location.protocal - Returns the web protocol used i.e., http: or https:

window.location.pathname - Returns the relative path of the current page.

Window.location.hash - Returns the hash string in the URL. URL string followed by ‘#’ is called as hash string.

Window.location.assign() - A function to change the current URL or page.


Sample URL: http://localhost:45697/articles/test#myStr

If we consider the above sample URL, below are the results we get on using these properties.

window.location.hash(property): myStr (result)

window.location.href: http://localhost:49247/posts/test localhost:49247

window.location.hostname: localhost

window.location.pathname: /posts/test

window.location.protocal: http:

window.location.assign(url): Redirects the current page to the new ‘url’

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