Custom link at bottom of content editor – editing Sitecore core database

May 24, 2020  ·  3607 views

This article explains you on how to add a new shortcut link at the bottom of content editor i.e., to adds a new shortcut say ‘MyApp’ at the bottom as shown below by editing Sitecore core database. This works even in the latest version Sitecore 8.

‘Content editor | Media Library | Workbox | MyApp

Sitecore Core database

Though you see lot of components and concepts in Sitecore content editor, there is another world which is less focused and used i.e., the core database. The core database is used by the Sitecore to store its configuration related data. Also it allows a user to configure a sitecore instance by selecting core database and modifying the default settings.


  1. Login to Sitecore desktop mode with admin privileges.

  2. At the bottom right, select the database as ‘core’.

  3. Now click on Sitecore start button and go to 'Content Editor' view.

  4. Expand 'Content' under the 'Sitecore' root node.

  5. Expand the 'Application' folder present in the below path. '/sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Applications'

  6. Under application you could see three items: 'ContentEditorForm', 'MediaLibraryForm', 'WorkboxForm'.

  7. Right click on Applications folder (/sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Applications) and click on insert->Insert from template.

  8. Select the template type as ‘/sitecore/templates/Sitecore Client/Content editor/Content Editor Application’.

  9. Now select the newly created item and provide the data field values as explained below.

    Header: My Application (This is the text of the link)

    Source: /sitecore/MyApp/Default.aspx (This should be the path to a .aspx file which can launch a window or a new page accordingly)

  10. Save the changes and then switch to master database.

  11. Go to content editor and now you could see a new link beside the Content editor and media library at the bottom as ‘Content editor | Media Library | My Application | Workbox'



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