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Here are the different ways of customising the Sitecore SXA's Search Result component based on the usecase.
9 months ago by Pranay

Here is a list of reasons for which your Sitecore containers on docker might be down. This could be for a first time setup or for an existence Sitecore docker setup
9 months ago by Pranay

If you need to raise and handle a custom 404 error, then the Sitecore's ItemResolver might not work while using SXA. Instead use the SXA's ItemNotFoundResolver. Below are the complete details.
10 months ago by Pranay

Here is how we can connect and query Sitecore's SQL Server Databases running inside docker containers
11 months ago by Pranay

Here is how you can setup Docker for desktop on your Windows machine and install Sitecore 10 containers on it easily as a beginner
one year ago by Pranay

You might face this error while trying to debug code running in docker container of your Sitecore instance using Visual Studio
one year ago by Pranay

Moving a new website to Sitecore or moving a website from one Sitecore instance to another Sitecore instance deals with huge content migration task. This is how we were able to do that quickly and efficiently.

2 years ago by Pranay

This Powershell script is used to search for an occurrence of a string in all Sitecore items and in all the fields, including the standard fields.

This post focuses on creating custom Sitecore roles and permissions with separate roles for authors and reviewers in a Multisite instance.

If you see this error when you open a page in experience editor, then this is the post you should look for.

3 years ago by Pranay

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