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Got this error while validating the reCAPTCHA with google on submission of a form in my asp.net mvc website hosted on 1and1 IONOS windows hosting server.

5 years ago by Pranay

This post helps you to integrate and display your Facebook page’s social feed in to your ASP.NET website. Though the below steps are in ASP.NET MVC, they can also be used in any other service side language like Java etc.

This hit counter is used to track/count the number of users visited a particular page in your website. The implementation in the below tutorial uses C# and asp.net Mvc sessions. Same logic can be applied to websites developed in java or any other languages with few changes.

8 years ago by Pranay

If you would like to know the geo location of the client who is visiting your website or to show some specific content based on visitor country/location then this article helps you.

8 years ago by Pranay

This post explains how to create a controller rendering and related items like layout, templates, presentation details in Sitecore MVC with a simple example.

9 years ago by Pranay

Yes, we can pass a sitecore populated view to a .net razor view in Sitecore with MVC. Here, I will go through a simple example on how to display social links to a website whose link name and its URL is provided at sitecore content item but needs to be rendered inside a razor view (.cshtml file).

9 years ago by Pranay

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