Here we upload the CSS files to sitecore media library and then read those CSS files in the code. This approach is suggested only when you want to allow a sitecore user to edit CSS classes. The same applies for javascript files too.

3 years ago by Pranay

By default sitecore provides an admin user with userid ‘Admin’ and password ‘b’. However additional users can be created in sitecore by following below steps.

I have installed visual studio 2012(supporting MVC4 and .NET 4.5) and Sitecore CMS 7.2 rev.140526. I am able to run the Sitecore using admin user and launch the website too.

4 years ago by Pranay

how to create strongly typed view in Sitecore MVC 7.2 and bind the view to a model in sitecore? Can we achieve this without creating a controller?

4 years ago by Pranay

I am new to Sitecore and trying to work on Sitecore 7.2 with MVC for creating a sample static page. I was able to create a static content page with footer and header successfully. Now, in the header I want to implement a menu bar. So how to create a menu, getting the list of menuitems from a model. Is there a predefined item in sitecore to create list of menus from a model? do we need any controller to be created? I have very less knowledge on Sitecore. thanks in advance!

4 years ago by Pranay

I have installed Sitecore 7.2 on windows 7 and able to launch the sitecore site after the installation, but I was asked to login with username and password. There is no link for registration and I have no where provided the login details during the installation.

I have installed Sitecore 7.2 rev. 140526 in my PC having windows 7 enterprise edition with visual studio 2012 and sql server 2012. The installation was successful but when I launch the sitecore site from the browser I am getting the below error message.

Issue: At times, we may run/execute an update/delete script accidentally and then start googling to find if there is a way to revert it.

4 years ago by naresh