A Bash Shell is a common component of Linux, Unix and Mac OS X based operating systems that allows users and applications to execute commands on the system. This vulnerability allows for a malicious user to inject code that would be executed each time Bash is executed. This can result in system compromise, unauthorized data disclosure and website defacement amongst other types of attacks.

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The session variables in php will be created in files on physical locations.. For each session a file will be created and the session data will be saved in this file with all the session variables and their values.

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This post explains how to hide folders in windows operating system. The folders will be still hidden even though you check the 'Show hidden folders' option. This method uses the ATTRIB command.

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Windows service is a process running in the background on a windows operating system. It can be configured to start automatically or by an event. They run in the context of their own dedicated user accounts and can operate even when the user is not logged on.