Cloudflare provides a free CDN plan. Here is my personal experience on why we should not use cloudflare free plan for all the websites.

4 years ago by Pranay

I am looking for Content-Encoding:gzip in MVC5. I am looking for the way to do in web.config or with using compress filter. so far all the solutions answered on stackoverflow, I am unable to compress my content gzip. I am using firefox and chrome to read response headers.

4 years ago by Arbaz

This hit counter is used to track/count the number of users visited a particular page in your website. The implementation in the below tutorial uses C# and asp.net Mvc sessions. Same logic can be applied to websites developed in java or any other languages with few changes.

4 years ago by Pranay

If you would like to know the geo location of the client who is visiting your website or to show some specific content based on visitor country/location then this article helps you.

4 years ago by Pranay

We can use the existing package variables or connection manager variables in script task.

4 years ago by Ravichandra

Responsiveness has become the must have feature of any websie now a days. As Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects, I am writing this example on responsive design in sitecore mvc using bootstrap framework.

4 years ago by Keerthi

I have installed sitecore 7.5 and configured it with visual studio, but when I launch the website in browser, I get the below exception. The sitecore website was running fine before the visual studio integration. Only after the integration I am facing this problem.