I need to use html5 picture tag in the new website which I am going to work on. What is the syntax and how it can be implemented? Also, is it supported by all the browsers? Thanks in advance!

3 years ago by Pranay

Responsiveness has become the must have feature of any websie now a days. As Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects, I am writing this example on responsive design in sitecore mvc using bootstrap framework.

Which is the best Automation tool for Windows Mobile App? I need a tool which can be worked with out integration to UFT. Experts please help!!!

3 years ago by Saketh

3 years ago by Keerthi

But when it renders in the browser, the actual link is “/api/sitecore/Home/Index” as hown below. So when I click on the link it is redirecting to this path, instead of /home/index. This issue is not specific to the layout file. Any where in the solution if I use Html.ActionLink to create a hyperlink, it is rendering to api/sitecore/controller/action.

3 years ago by Pranay

I have installed sitecore 7.5 and configured it with visual studio, but when I launch the website in browser, I get the below exception. The sitecore website was running fine before the visual studio integration. Only after the integration I am facing this problem.

I have installed sitecore 8 in my machine and it is working fine. Now I want to install Sitecore 7.5 on the same machine without disturbing the sitecore 8 instance. I have read that it is possible to run multiple instances of Sitecore on same machine, but how does SQL server databases are used by the two instances.

3 years ago by Pranay

I have installed visual studio, sql server and sitecore 8 on my machine. the installation went well but when I run the website from the browser i got the below error message.

3 years ago by Pranay